Oasis Stourbridge

Sacred Activism 2018

A new Oasis Pathway

Where: Elysia Therapeutic Centre, 52, Bowling Green Rd. Stourbridge, DY8 3RZ

When: Alternate Saturdays 9:30am – 12:30pm from March 17th

Oasis is a supportive and creative space open to anyone looking for new perspectives on life in the face of challenging times. We work with personal narrative, art and story as a way of describing our inner and outer life experience with a view to stepping into a future rich with potential.


This new 4th pathway follows the thread of the previous three oasis pathways and can be taken as a stand-alone course. It offers a dynamic yet soul-filled way of answering life questions towards a living life from a sense of sacred activism.

Who with

Melanie Taylor well-being entrepreneur, councillor, trainer; co-founder of Elysia Centre oasis and Soul’s Choice. She guides and supports the healing journey of individuals and has the highest regard for human autonomy and freedom.

Dio Mock is an artist, working in therapeutic education and runs creative workshops. He is currently training as a psychotherapist.

  • March 17th – Gratitude
  • March 31st – Honouring the pain of the Earth
  • April 14th – Seeing with New Eyes
  • April 28th – Sacred Activism
  • May 12th – Going Forth
  • Date TBC – Home Coming

£18 per person per session or £90 for all sessions paid in advance (saving £18)

More information

Contact Melanie Taylor on 07810 048739
or email melanie@elysiahealth.org

Oasis, well named; an area of calm in the midst of a difficult or hectic situation. It can also be a fertile spot in a desert. The very name suggests a place to stop on a journey, whether it be a camel train accross the Sahara, a caravan on the Spice route, or a personal journey through life, there needs to be safe restorative periods where you can stop and reflect on the journey past and have a positive vision of things to come.