Oasis Herefordshire

At: The Quaker Meeting House, Hereford HR4 9BX
On: Tuesday mornings 9.30-12.30
Cost: Range £10-£30
Contact: Lindsey on 01432 261317 or 07800535063 lgarner_@hotmail.com

Oasis Herefordshire has been running for 6 years and after an initial pilot course, began its first group journey in September 2012.
Each small group of up to 8 participants is facilitated by two trained facilitators. The course consists of 3 Pathways which can be taken as a whole or individually. Each Pathway is 12 weeks, meeting on Tuesday mornings 9.30-12.30.

The next new course begins on September 11th 2018 and places are available.

Why not try out a free taster session to see if Oasis is for you? The next taster is on Wednesday 18th April 2018 6 for 6.30-8pm.

The following one day workshops are being offered this year and are open to all with an interest in their own life journey:

Tuesday April 24th Greek gods and goddesses. Working with Archetypes.

Tuesday May 8th The 12 senses.

Saturday June 16th Weaving your life story. An experiential day of  colour and conversation.

Saturday July 21st Exploring resistance to change.

Our real wealth lies within the landscape of our own biography. Against this setting, Oasis Herefordshire provides a guided group space for self reflection, active, non judgmental listening, creative work and chances to bring small changes to our lives.

Pathway One – An invitation to the journey

This pathway explores our physical environment; our habits and rhythms; our world of relationships and our sense of self. By looking at where we are now and drawing on biographical memories, we consider small changes we might like to bring about for the future.

Pathway Two – Finding a Way

In this Pathway we look inwards into the realm of Soul. Why can we be so resistant to change? And what part do our defenses play in this? We explore how we think, act and feel through simple but challenging exercises.

Pathway Three – Embracing the Challenge

In this final Pathway, we will hear an archetypal story, a hero’s journey with all its joys, setbacks, challenges, and consequences. Each week a question comes out of the story which we relate to our own destiny.

I felt on board the HMS Oasis with two guides fore and aft. Destination unknown. Journeying together, pulling together, surviving all sorts of waters. We learned about each other, ourselves and were brought home – safely.
This is the first group I have really felt a part of.There has been such a supportive feeling all the way through as we are all working together for something.
I have been part of a study group before but this feels freer despite the lovely structure. We all bring so many different things, similar yet different. The group has been a comforting experience; meeting random people has been an honour to take away – a precious gift. Humans struggle with the same things, I have learnt not to feel alone.
Meet the Facilitators

Lindsey Garner

Lindsey has spent most of her working life teaching teenagers in Suffolk and Herefordshire. Now a volunteer at the Elysia Therapeutic Centre, she combines her interest in health and well being with growing vegetables and being a granny.

Jane Meredith

Jane Meredith is a biographical counsellor, gardener, plant dyer and likes to spin and weave wool and tales. She has an ever growing family, travels when she can and enjoys the challenge of working with a group in the Oasis setting.
I can fully recommend Oasis to others; it’s not just a place of peace and tranquility but a few hours towards purposeful change.

Carol Kirk

Carol began work aged 16 in residential child care. Later she trained as a Waldorf teacher and is currently working in the school setting, with responsibility for pastoral care and religion teaching. She has 5 children who are still close knit with a new generation beginning. Carol’s interest in World and Human Development and its mission is broadening with many areas of study.

Maggie Kingston

Maggie worked as a nurse in both general and complementary medicine until retirement. She then embarked on a BA(Hons) degree and now is developing her ceramics at the small holding where she lives. The inner pilgrimage work of Oasis provides an enlivening and challenging accompaniment.