Oasis Groups

Journeying can happen in so many ways. In Oasis we like to celebrate the courage of the human spirit to survive the challenges that difficult life experiences can bring. Hidden sources of creativity and inner healing lie within each human being. Through weekly facilitated support in groups we explore this potential together. Read more…

Oasis is for people in search of meaning.

This can manifest in anxiety, stress, depression, or be the result of unresolved health concerns. Self-help and management of these conditions has been our main concern along with the support that a caring and confidential space may give for true listening and sharing of concerns.

Combining artistic exercises and life story work, the structure within which the sharing and conversation can take place is formed, encouraging self-confidence and exploring creative potential. Addressing feelings such as fear, anxiety, love, trust and courage can give us new hope and purpose for the future.

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Our aims are to address the whole human being in body, soul and spirit. Read more…

“Oasis, well named; a period of calm in the midst of a difficult or hectic situation. It can also be a fertile spot in a desert. The very name suggests a good place to stop on a journey, and whether it is a camel train across the Sahara, a caravan on the spice route, or a personal journey through life, there needs to be safe restorative periods when you can stop and reflect on the journey past, and have a positive vision of things to come. So it is with Oasis; a chance for people, many with long term conditions or caring for others who need a chance to take stock, reflect, celebrate who they are, and move on feeling refreshed and supported as they go.”
(A former participant)

An historical perspective

Historically these groups have been located alongside established Anthroposophic NHS Medical Practices and have offered health promoting tools for self – development, as part of a transformational journey. They have incorporated an Anthroposophic integrated approach (guided by Anthroposophy described through the work of Rudolf Steiner) to medical and therapeutic work. Progressively, we have witnessed Oasis to work successfully in a broader range of settings: the curriculum is transferable to a wide range of needs and most notably for those with deeper life questions.